How To Build a Paracord Bracelet Jig

At Survival Band, we make the highest quality paracord bracelets you will find but we also feel it is important to share some of the lessons we have learned while building professional grade survival bands. The following tutorial outlines the steps neccessary to build your own Survival Band Paracord Bracelet jig.

Required Materials:

  • 20″ of 1/2 x 1 1/2 wood
  • 2 Plastic wire clamps
  • 1 wood screen 1″ long
  • 3/8 drill bit
  • 3/8 bolt and nut
  • Hand saw
  • Measuring tape
  • 1 contoured side release buckle (5/8, 3/8, etc)

Step 1: Cut wood into (1) 16″ piece and (2) 1 1/2 x 1 1/2 pieces

Step 2: Screw one of the small blocks onto one of the ends of the larger piece of wood

(You may want to drill pilot holes first to prevent the wood from spitting)

Step 3: Attach one side of the buckle to the block of wood using a cable clamp

Step 4: Attach the other side of the buckle to the other block of wood using the other cable clamp

Step 5: Mark the starting point of the first buckle half on the board

Step 6: Place the measuring tape on that line and mark the board, every inch until you get to 12 inches

Step 7: Using the loose block and buckle half, line up the base of the male end with one of the inch markers, for instance, line it up with the 8 inch mark

Step 8: Drill a hold through both pieces of wood to allow a bolt to hold the 2 pieces of wood together

Step 9: Lining up the buckle base with the inch marks you made, drill the remaining holes.

Step 10: Nice work! Your ready to build your Survival Band Paracord Bracelet!

Now here is a little sneak peak at an upcoming tutorial in which we will build a Survival Band Paracord Bracelet


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